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haven been writing a post for DAMNNNNNN long already. but i guess today i felt bored. and i also feel like writing this out for all aggressive skaters out there.

For too long many people have related skaters to "punks","hooligans","Gangsters",etc. but i think people juz dont understand all of us. some of us may look like one but actually we are the friendliest of all people around. people always come up to us and not talk in a nice tone. HELLOOOOO!!!! we are still human beings right, imagine someone goes up to u and starts shouting or raising his voice at u. u oso would not like it.

but anyway my point is. the reason y we get angry at people shouting at us is because we love our sport too much to juz let you disrespect it like tt. imagine if u were a soccer or basketball fan, and you love playing it or watching it so much. but someone comes up to you and tells you to stop playing it. the result would definitely be the same.

even though we skate the street grinding on "government's" property. does not mean we do not like the government. it is juz part of our sport to skate street and sometimes the street offers more then wat normal skate parks can offer around. sometimes when we are juz cruising around and we see something that we can skate on and we woul juz want to kill that spot. it is juz in our blood to do it.

and also some people can be quite unreasonable when they come up to us and tell us that you would break this and that when we ourselves noe it is not true and u are juz saying that to get us off the street. people have an open mind. stop being sooooo conservative, this is the new age where a persons creativeness can get him to places. you people tell us to follow our dreams and things like that and there you are stopping us from grasping that ounce of dream that we can get.

my conclusion, if you want to tell us to stop skating a spot or anything like that. try not to raise your voice at us or shout at us. come to us and tell us nicely and maybe give us another 5 mins on the spot and we promise that we will leave plus you would gain our respect.
Ok. working now. hahahaz..
last night we shared our deepest darkest secrets. well not to dark and deep for me. cause i dun really have a deep dark secret.
anyway. even though i haven seen u from 10pm last night. i still miss u so much.
i cannot stand leaving u for a sec. i wish i can be with you forever.

i am not supposed to be using my com at work. but SHHHHH... dun tell anyone lol...


i got darling addicted to maple. LOL!!!

Another Day at home.

i was just calculating how much i have spent on skates stuff. LOL!!! its alot i tell u!!! LOL!!!
almost like 2.5k worth.

anyway. so glad darling has finished FO camp. now i can spend more time with you. hope u had a fun time at sentosa.

i haven posted anything in a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG time LOL!!! so i guess this i like another bookmark in my life.
today i spent my time at home. ate breakfast with darling. slept till late. then when darling went off. i used my com and after tt decided lion needed a bathe. LOL! man is he dirty. i haven bathed him in a long time.

now playing this facebook game called restaurant city. apparently i juz have to leave my com on and let it play and feed my workers. LOL!!! soooooo not fun. anyway it is juz to kill time. LOL!!

so feel like recrea skating outside my house. maybe after dinner. hahaz...


ok ok. i know. NEW SATES AGAIN. u might say. hahaz... but well its a more comfortable pair than the last. LoL!!!  ok here are some pics. hahaz...

YEA!!! this is when it is not used yet. hahaz...

Damien Wlison Xsjado boot
Ground Control Dual Injection Frames
Eulogy Austin Paz Wheels
Crap Bearings

LOL!!! some more pics.

hahahahahaz!!! love the skates. LOL!!! especially the one piece instep. LOL!!!

ok anyway. Valentines day. met darling at aljunied mrt. and passed her her gift.
she so believed that i was going to give her a miniature version of me. BUT not!!! hahaz....
she got a tiger that is supposed to represent me. hahaz.... dun have the picture of it now.

anyway...... we went to church together and then went to buy the stuff to make sushi after that. LOL!!!
alot sia!!!! i made a mistake i thought 300grams of uncooked rice was not alot, so i asked her to get 2 packets instead.
so went home happily and then rest for 2 hours and started making sushi at 4.30pm. 1st batch. could not get the main ingredients in the middle of the sushi. LOL!!! and u know what, the rice was freaking nice!!!! anyway. pics would be uploaded on my darlings live journal so look at her livejournal for pics hahaz... in the end. we made ALOT of sushi. hahaz... so the whole family ate sushi instead of juz the 2 of us. DAMN FULL!!!!! hahahaz....


in school now watching Abi study hahaz... sleeping here and there. LOL!!!

Back HURTS!!!!

omg... old injury back again. my back hurts like a bitch. cannot skate properly cannot jump properly without feeling pain. feel damn pissed. now the pain has gone to my left thigh. anyway, final presentation coming soon woohoo!!! which means school is ending soon!!! WHEEE!!!

Got a job i want. working at east coast on the days i want. and even though the pay is not much. i still feel happy with the job. LOL!!! the first job i actually enjoy doing. in a skates retail shop. i love darling. hahaz... she accepts watever i wan to do. as long as i am happy doing it. i guess she is all i am looking for in a girlfriend. it is almost impossible to think that she wants to be with me. of all the guys that was chasing her. she chose to be with me. i feel sooooooo honoured. hahaz....

well on to skating. starting on my alley oop top soul. can only do it slowly and most of the time i am missing it. DAMN!!! but everyday i feel i am getting closer to doing it better. hahaz.... and i almost got my 540 on the ramps. school ramp tt is. hahaz... i guess i am quite jealous of people like lie xiang and matt who is improving alot faster then i am. mainly because they spend alot more time skating everyday. hahaz... well... just ordered my DW xsjados. hahaz.... happy tt i am getting it. expensive but i guess if it fits me i dun mind. rather then having the valo where size 9 is too small and size 10 is too big. LOL!!! found out tt i cannot fit narrow boots. which means cults, classic thrones, evo thrones, valo, dun suit me. shit. all the nice skates. hahaz... on the other hand. i got all the comfy skates. LOL!!!! genesys, xsjados, nimhs, deshi. hahaz... well you cant have it all. LOL!!!!


ok apparently i got tagged and i did not even know. LOL!!! i only found out when abi told me and then i checked aini's blog. LOL!!!

The person who tagged you this quiz is?

Relationship with him?
 it a her. and she is my girlfriends fren who is too angry a person. LOL!!

Five impressions of her???
same character as abi
always say she fat
malay looking javanese
girlfren of nasir

Most memorable thing he's done for you:
  nothing...... or well letting me eat her mud slide. LOL!

Most memorable thing he's ever told you:
erm... more like most memorable stare. LOL!! those big eyes... LOL!!

If she becomes your lover, will you?

If he becomes your lover, what must he improve on?
erm.... i dunno... dun wanna think about it.

If he becomes your enemy, what will you do?

erm.... tell her she is fat... LOL!

Overall impression?
weigh as much as me.

How do you think the people around you think about you?
skinny bastard.

Characteristic in you that you like:
crazy, long hair, tall. yea...

Characteristic in you that you hate:
giving in too much

Most ideal person you want to be?

For people that love and care for you, say something to them:
 i love you.

Pass and tag this quiz to 10 other people:


3.Soo Mei
8.Poh Chin
9.Shu Ting
10. Joanna

Who is No.6  having a relationship with?
i have no idea

If No. 7  and No.10 get together, will it be a good thing?
they dun even noe each other... .

What is No.2  studying?

mechanical engineering with meLOL!!

What kind of bands does No.8  like?
Have no Freaking idea... but maybe mostly the songs 7 listens to.

Does No.1 have any siblings?
yup. i am the bro. LOL!!!

Will you woo No.3 ?
She is attached and NO!!!

How about No.7?

erm... *silent*

Is No.4  single?
YEPS!!! and lovin it i think... LOL!!!

What is No.5's surname?
Chua. yeps i should be right. LOL!!

What is No.10's  hobby?
i have nooooo idea... LOL!!!.

Does No.5  and No.9 get along well?
ok la i think richie wat would u say???

Where is No.2 studying at?

Say somethings about No.1 :
Austin in the day austina by night.

Where does No. 9  live?
bukit gombak i think. if i remm correctly. LOL!!!

Are No.1  and No.5 best friends?
Close Friends more like it. LOL!!!

What is No.6  doing now?
with his family??

Boring DAYYYY!!!!

Well at my lab now.... ever since spinnovex finished, really nothing much to do. finishing up report and all the nitty gritty stuff. right now i am like searching on skate stuff educating myself on skates more and thats about it. LOL!!!

ok well track back on wat i did.

went to church, haven been going to my cell for around 3-4weeks already which is bad. really too damn tired to wake up early. like temptation is killing me la. but ok talked to my cell leader and told her that i would be coming from now on since my FYP is almost over. after that went to TUNG LOK at vivo city. yeps like always, the food nvr fail to impress me... hahaz... best man. after that met abi darling and went to shop for my BLACK jeans. so wanted tt super tight jeans. but dear told me look like pregnant girl or something like that. hahaz... after went to shop for her stuff, and she bought a new bag and where i saw a damn nice black and white bag and my mum agreed to pay for it. hahaz...

hmm.... cannot remm much. well thanks to my bad memory. OH YEA!!! came back from Shu Zhen's birthday party. super hang over man. went back home with Abi to rest until we went out for CNY shopping with skate gang. sherlyn, Austin bro, kiji ninji, Wing tong, Alvin(sherlyns bro) , Show and i think that is it. if i forgot anyone else please scold me. hahaz... ok... met em halfway cause me and dear woke up late. apparently i set my alarm at 12pm not 12am. which was stupid. so we slept until 1.30pm. anyway. went to TOPMAN and bought a super RED top. hahaz... thanks dear for choosing for me. decided to wear emo for CNY cause cannot wear black. which is around 40% of my cupboard. hahaz.. suddenly got a call from parents. OMG!!! anti-climax. have to go off for company dinner. have to leave abi. which really sucks la. and the group was getting super high. anyway went for the dinner at Paramount. where the food really is ok... not too bad. love the sharks fin soup. woohoo!!! 

yeps, went to school, again nothing much. slack here and there. getting pumped to skate as usual. love my xsjados man... hahaz.... gonna get em Damien Wilsons Xsjado. i noe i like wasting money here and there. i promise to use my money wisely after the wilsons. hahaz.. anyway went to skate. really skate alot better with the xsjado. trying to do a 540 at the ramps almost landed it a few times. hahaz... well went to Shu Zhens party after that. hahaz... OMG told u guys i cannot drink. all i needed was 1 shot. and poof damn high. cannot stop laughing. probably irritated aini. hahaz.. super headache after that. if i did not drink i prob would last the night. i so wanted to play taboo la... so had to sleep early and thats about it.

so yea that is it for the last few days. i dunno when i am gonna post again so CHOW!!!

OH YEA!! hope you can join me for CNY dear.

WOOHOO!!!! got 3rd

YEA!!! i got 3rd in SP skate aggressive inline comp. i really thought i was going to get like 5th or something. anyway.


and austin... dun worry la... u qualified and it is a very good thing for a u who skated only like a few months. train harder and win the next inter poly comp! dun worry i will always skate with u and help u with the best of my abilities. anyway... urs was a good run... maybe now... learn to jump and bend ur knees then ur skating will look alot better.

well.... learnt alot from the comp... like your line of tricks is very important and u need to plan before you go for ur run. LOL!!!

ok ok... after the comp... hurt my left ass, left shoulder and right knee... really hurts now... so gonna lay off skating for at least a week. 

anyway... these are the qualifying round photos.. hope u enjoy em.

and yea!!!! finally added photos...LOL!!! hopefully the finals photos come out so i can post em up soon,


Well yea. i am out of tentage. it feels like shit. but it takes alot of stress out of me. well proj was judged yesterday and well it was not bad and it was not good so.

ARGH!!! this proj was a big mistake. i dunno why i did not fight for a proj that i was comfortable with. If i did i prob would have done better and would have been more happy if i failed. well being the guy that did alot of the work in the group. i guess i did my part.

Thanks for being there for me darling. i guess if u did not push me forward i would have given up by now. 2 more days. and now i rather concentrate on my skate comp on sat.  i want to add photos here but hahaz.... lazy to put em into photobucket. TAKE DAMN LONG TO LOAD!!!!

The colours are all dull. i guess you know the reason why.


suckiness of FYP starting to kick in.
- always busy
-away from the club
- cannot spend time with you
and you noe the worse thing its the holidays

dunno la!!! feel super sian. and oso damn lonely. like suddenly all my friends are too busy already. i dun even have time to skate like i used to.
everyday its just, wake up at 6am. get to school. do work until 5pm. like its too much of work already. its the final stretch anyways. its holidays and it feels like its school day. in fact, its worse then when it was in school.

Spinnovex is coming and i have to rush this and that. i wish all this would be over tommorow. The worse thing now is that i have a flu tt hasnt recovered in alomost a month now. which is damn irritating.

yes yes yes...... my journal boring right.... haiz....